I took the header picture a couple years ago when I was in the Middle East on business with some good friends and colleagues.  It’s a group of weathered bunkers on a hilltop outside Jerusalem that changed hands countless times over years of conflict.  These hills overlook a key road into the city, making them essential for control of the area.  The terrain can make fighting very messy; the front lines become very convoluted and move rapidly, as hilltops change hands and units are cut off from each other.  In other words, you end up with the front lines intertwined.

I’ve created this blog as a space where I can work out my struggles for an honest and sincere faith, to release guilt and embrace grace, to be a part of a vibrant community of Kingdom-minded Christians, and to just plain get better at international development.  For the Western mind, it can be tempting for us to put each one of these into neat little boxes.  But the truth is that life is pretty messy.  No matter how hard I try, crises in one affect all the others.

The front lines intertwine

Disclaimer: I work for Haiti Partners, which is committed to helping Haitians change Haiti through education.  Though many of my posts will probably discuss HP or its staff, the views stated on this blog do not necessarily represent the policies or practices of Haiti Partners or its staff.


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